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Tournament Rules


   • All players need to sign a waiver the day of the event

   • Players under the age of 18 required a parent to sign a waiver

   • Team size is 5-8 players per team

Game Format:

   • 3 inning per game with 3 outs

   • 8+ run mercy rule is invoked

   • No new inning can start after 25 minutes (pool play games result in a tie)

   • Pitch speed maximum is 40 or 45 mph depending on your division

Extra innings:

   • No extra innings for pool play games

   • For quarter- and semi-final games, extra innings will have a runner starting on second base will 0 outs

   • For championship games, all innings will play as normal


   • The pitching mound is 28 feet from home plate 

   • Teams must have a pitcher and 3 fielders on the field (total 4 on the field)

   • For plays at 1st base, the pitcher will act as the first baseman and can catch the ball inside of the infield before the batter reaches first base to

      record an out

   • 2nd, 3rd and Home plate are played as regular baseball rules

Infield Fly rule:

   • The batting team can yell infield fly on a pop up anywhere in the field to prevent the fielding team from intentionally dropping a pop fly to

     attempt a double play


   • Each team must submit a batting order to the official scorer before the start of each game

   • After 4 balls, the batter can choose to advance to 1st base or reset the count. After the first pitch of the new count is thrown the batter cannot

     change their mind. If a batter is walked a second time in the same plate appearance, they can advance to 2nd base or reset the count again.

     After each walk in the same plate appearance, they can chose to advance to 2nd base.

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